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Foss National Leasing

"Red Rocket really helped us focus our marketing efforts and maximizing the returns on our marketing budgets. They did this by taking the time up front to get a real understanding of our industry and where we were positioned within it before a company message was constructed."
—Jeff Hartley, Foss National Leasing

The Client

Foss National Leasing provides financing and fleet management services for a wide range of organizations, both large and small. Services include fuel purchase management, repair oversight and driver monitoring—all crucial factors in controlling fleet costs and reducing downtime.

The Challenge

A fragmented brand presence and an unfocused marketing effort were out of alignment with the very positive experience reported by the Foss client base. So while Foss enjoyed happy customers, a good reputation and gradual expansion nationwide, the company was missing out on significant growth opportunities. We determined they needed a consistent brand image that aligned with the company’s key attributes and customer perceptions, backed up by a comprehensive marketing strategy and fresh tools built upon solid brand pillars.


The Solution

Following an extensive analysis of Foss’s competitive landscape, we conducted a wide-ranging, hands-on investigation of the Foss brand and internal culture. This multi-phase initiative included an audit of existing marketing initiatives, employee interviews and video-based brand conviction sessions where we focused on determining the heart and soul of the Foss identity. From these initiatives, we were able to develop a clear picture of the Foss image, projected through its brand and marketing efforts, and its disconnect with the company’s high level of service and innovation—backed by how the company was perceived by its customers.

Armed with this information, we developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included a refreshed brand identity and supporting tagline, advertising campaigns, brochures, program sheets and a new website built around the thoroughly researched needs of the company’s client base. We also developed new copy that simplified the messaging around the specialty leasing programs and focused on the many customer benefits. The new tagline, “Driving Innovation,” became the touchstone of the company’s identity and all marketing initiatives.

Our research also revealed that Foss’s competitors were perceived largely as faceless, technology-driven entities without a sense of personal contact, while Foss customers appreciated the company’s approachability, willingness to solve problems and original thinking. The Foss culture is very much based on personal service and establishing connections, so we emphasized this focus in all of our marketing materials—particularly the website and corporate brochure. Warm, casual photos of senior management were placed alongside quotes that reinforced the theme of responsive, customer-first operations. Wherever possible, we reinforced this image of Foss as an organization of helpful, approachable people
rather than simply technology or processes.

The result of the marketing strategy and rollout was a fresh Foss image that aligned with positive customer perceptions. These initiatives also revealed the warmth, personal service and innovation that have helped this company grow and become one of Canada’s largest and most respected fleet management providers.