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Glenmore Printing Ltd

"The sample kits have been a smash hit. We’ve been breaking into accounts we never had a chance on before. They’re so different and unique that people’s jaws hit the floor when they see them."
—James Rowley, General Manager

The Client

Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging (formerly Glenmore Printing & Imaging) has operated successfully for over 30 years. Its reputation in the printing industry is well established, and the company enjoys a base of loyal customers that have remained with Glenmore for decades.

The Challenge

Recently Glenmore experienced a “changing of the guard” with James Rowley, son of company founder Glenn Rowley, assuming leadership. James, working with a new management team, observed the rapid pace of change in the industry and made a commitment to not only stay relevant, but to become a leader in print technology, capabilities and customer service. This decision led to major investments in new systems, equipment and technology with a focus on innovative, high-end packaging. Once in place, management realized they needed some heavy lifting to help market the company’s new culture and offerings to a very competitive marketplace. They hired Red Rocket Creative Strategies to develop a strategic marketing plan and launch a new era for Glenmore.

The Solution

Our competitive analysis, deep investigation of Glenmore’s culture and customers, and study of management’s vision for greater capacity resulted in a comprehensive marketing plan. Part of this process was recognizing how Glenmore had flown “below the radar” throughout its long history. Growth had been steady but slow, and the company had never launched a focused effort to claim a larger market share or land major accounts. Our marketing plan provided a blueprint for achieving both goals.

We first established a number of benchmarks for management, which included building a leadership image in the industry as well as significantly increasing Glenmore’s market share across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

To reach these benchmarks, we crafted a five-tier program designed to heighten Glenmore’s awareness in the marketplace:

1) Reaffirm the brand
Brand Conviction sessions helped us re-invigorate Glenmore’s brand (and accordingly, the organization) from top to bottom. This process included a refreshed logo, new stationery, presentation packaging, shipping cartons, uniforms, website and a host of other brand elements.

2) Execute an inward-looking system improvement plan 
This phase covered a wide range of processes and procedures that significantly improved efficiency and the company’s image—both internally and externally.

3) Bolster credibility
A range of communication initiatives, including one-on-one presentations to key clients and prospects and a design community speakers’ series (called “SPARK”), helped take the “new” Glenmore story to market.

4) Develop a business-focused social media program
We helped Glenmore establish a foothold in both LinkedIn and Google+Business. These platforms reinforced the company’s presence with both current and potential customers.

5) Establish an outbound information campaign
Adhering to Glenmore’s traditional style of quiet, confident promotion, we outlined a range of less traditional marketing channels that included the SPARK speaking engagements, blogs, industry publications and company SWAG.

A key element for Glenmore’s “boots-on-the-ground” sales campaign was Red Rocket’s design of striking presentation packaging that reps used to deliver samples to customers and prospects. Not only did these tools bolster
Glenmore’s image, they also highlighted the company’s greatly enhanced print capabilities for a producing a wide range of boxes and packages.

As the phases of this marketing plan unfolded, Glenmore experienced a significant increase in employee morale and enthusiasm for helping the company grow—along with a corresponding dramatic growth in sales.