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NorLand Limited

The Client

NorLand Limited, previously known as the Pacific Group of Companies, owns and operates 12 construction-related companies that operate under one identity. NorLand services just about every aspect of the construction industry including excavation, drilling, blasting, demolition, road building and geotechnical engineering.

The Challenge

NorLand’s parent and individual company websites were no longer meeting the demands of NorLand’s growth and higher profile. Employees, management and clients had become increasingly frustrated with antiquated navigation, features and coding, while the eclectic mix of websites lacked cohesiveness. Also, due to the highly competitive construction market, NorLand needed SEO optimization that would result in higher visibility.
NorLand management invited Red Rocket Creative Strategies to develop fresh, state-of-the-art websites that would not only provide a consistent identity for the parent company and all divisions, but would also generate increased traffic. The divisional sites needed to communicate the various strengths of each company, link back to the parent site and facilitate employee development, retention and recruitment. The parent company site needed to highlight NorLand’s collective strengths while providing information about, and links to, the various divisions. The parent site would also serve as a vehicle for reporting NorLand’s key corporate policies regarding Environment, Health & Safety, Community Involvement, First Nations engagement and more. All the sites required responsive design plus simple, user-friendly maintenance and updating.

The Solution

Weaving NorLand’s technical, navigational and identity requirements together required considerable investigation and strategic planning. For economy and consistency, we chose a three-level template system for the divisional sites. The templates provided simple navigation while offering a customizable structure depending on each company’s needs. They also offered a range of flexible options for menus, sidebars, imagery, video, social media and more that allowed the various divisions to promote their respective capabilities and experience. The resulting sites not only helped prospective clients understand the NorLand structure, they highlighted how the various divisions worked together to provide better service and capabilities.
For NorLand Limited, however, we wanted a distinct look that immediately established NorLand’s status as the parent company. To meet this objective, we created a custom design that incorporated branding elements from the sub companies.
A particular challenge was featuring all 11 companies on the “Divisions” page, ensuring that the various logos and themes worked together visually—a challenge we met through colour and typography. Each company introduction linked to the website of its respective divisional website. 
To establish a hiring hub, we built a distinctive page that displayed the real-time hiring needs of each division, along with links to their respective “Careers” pages. The NorLand Careers page also included the functionality to upload a resume.
We built both the divisional and parent sites in the open source platform called Drupal, which offers a very clean and easy-to-use CMS (content management system) that each company uses internally to maintain and update their respective sites.
The new sites, featuring responsive design and a host of powerful SEO elements, were extremely well received and began generating increased traffic from NorLand’s key U.S. and Canadian markets. Bounce rates declined by more than 35%, while average session duration jumped a whopping 189%. NorLand’s suite of websites are now meeting the company’s demands and providing an essential tool for future growth.