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2013 Annual Report

Energold Drilling Corp.

 /  Mining

When Energold Drilling Corp. approached Red Rocket Creative Strategies to produce the company’s 2013 Annual Report, management reported that perception was a key issue—one that the Annual Report should address in a powerful and creative way. “We are a drilling company…period.” said President Frederick Davidson. “But the market sees us as a gold and drilling company.”

As we continued our investigative sessions, it became apparent that the investment community wasn’t seeing the whole story with Energold. And so “The Whole Story” became the report’s obvious theme. This phrase also provided a fitting play on words; drilling was, of course, all about holes. And in fact, our cover design featured three holes, each revealing an image from one of the company’s three primary sectors: mineral drilling, energy drilling and drill manufacturing.

The idea of The Whole Story also reflected management’s very fruitful decision—made three years prior—to diversify out of mineral drilling and into energy drilling and manufacturing. In 2013, with mineral drilling sales down by nearly 40%, the two new divisions provided well over half of the company’s total revenue. This shift became a dominant theme in both design and content. Graphs and charts helped drive home how diversification had generated a financial position amongst the best-in-class for Energold’s industry. 

The concept of “story” was carried throughout, helping communicate the many ways in which the company had relied on its people to grow and prosper. Large circular callouts, each containing a “story” from personnel worldwide, helped reinforce the company’s open-door, team approach to decision-making. The result was a report both business-like and personal—a true reflection of the company’s values.