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Advertising Campaign

FOSS National Leasing

Keeping a fleet of vehicles going is a major challenge for any business. Doing it efficiently is even more complex. For over 43 years, Foss National Leasing has provided financing and fleet management services for organizations big and small. Through its well-developed fleet management system, Foss National helps its clients optimize fleet operations with a unique set of services that includes managing fuel purchases, providing repair oversight and monitoring drivers to improve their behaviour —all crucial factors in controlling fleet costs and reducing downtime.

Foss National asked Red Rocket Creative Strategies to create a series of ads that would highlight the key advantages of using their proprietary and industry-leading fleet management system. The ads needed to demonstrate that the team at Foss National not only understands their clients’ challenges managing a fleet, but also that Foss National’s decades of experience gives them a big edge over the competition.

Analyzing other marketing efforts in the industry, it was felt that humour and a personal touch would help drive home the Foss National message more efficiently than any other strategy. The biggest challenge with any fleet is managing the people that drive the vehicles. So our approach was to feature a few of those “problem” drivers in humorous, memorable profiles. These sketches demonstrated that Foss National clearly understands the people issues of fleet management while setting a light-hearted yet problem-solving tone.