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Promotional Brochure

Highland Helicopters Ltd.

Red Rocket has delivered beyond Highland’s expectations; they did this by being inquisitive, actively listening and constantly striving to deliver inspired work.

Simon Laight - Director of Sales and Marketing

Since its inception in 1959, Highland Helicopters Ltd. has forged a reputation as one of the safest, most cost-effective and reliable helicopter services in Western and Northern Canada. With the company’s presence increasing throughout BC and Alberta, management approached Red Rocket Creative Strategies to write, design and produce a new corporate brochure that would support Highland’s sales and community outreach efforts.

Our interviews with management revealed Highland’s customers valued safety and reliability over any other attributes. With an exceptional safety record and clients that have remained loyal for over 25 years, we soon realized that Highland’s key assets were its reputation and customer relations, supportive presence in its satellite communities and dependable operation.

Highland had fortunately invested in professional photography, which we used throughout the brochure to help drive the ideas of quality, reliability and versatility. We chose a smaller, slightly rectangular format for easy handling at trade shows and sales meetings. The copy, including pull quotes and headers, reinforced the themes of integrity, safety and trust. The brochure design included judicious use of Highland’s well-known, bright yellow corporate colour that clients were accustomed to seeing in the skies of British Columbia and Alberta.

The result was a document that reinforced Highland’s well-earned reputation as standing “above the rest” of its competition.