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Website Design & Development

Medipure Pharmaceuticals

 /  Health

Vancouver-based Medipure Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company conducting pioneering research into cannabinoid-based prescription pharmaceuticals. Medipure approached Red Rocket Creative Strategies to create a website that would provide education and help highlight the company’s strong pharma-based culture and its status as a serious researcher and medical solutions developer.

Red Rocket Creative Strategies had previously designed Medipure’s brand and corporate identity, so we had a head start on the company’s brand pillars and communications needs. Further investigations quickly revealed that the website needed strong education and informational components, both about Medipure’s technology and their PhD research team.

What really sets Medipure apart from its peers is its strong scientific team, along with its industry-leading research facilities. To reinforce these distinctions, we featured three different pages under the “About Us” menu for the company’s high-level management, medical and research teams supported by detailed bios. A fourth page presented an in-depth look at Medipure’s 19-acre, state-of-the-art Cannabinoid Research Centre in Maple Ridge, BC.

Other pull-down menus were aimed specifically at physicians, researchers, patients and investors, helping guide these primary audiences to needed information with one or two clicks. Keeping with the education requirement, the Patients page offered an FAQ section and a link to participate in trials, while both the Researchers and Physicians page provided detailed scientific and medical background on the company’s various R&D directions.

Our creative team, working with the identity established previously, built a very clean, understated pharma-based design and layout. The result was a primary communications tool that clearly informed audiences while reflecting Medipure’s profile as a highly-qualified research and problem-solving institution.