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Miles Industries Ltd.

Thanks for your team's months of hard work. Congratulations on a job well done!

– Stuart Meyer, Sales & Technical Representative, Miles Industries Ltd.
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North Vancouver-based Miles Industries Ltd. holds exclusive rights to design and manufacture Valor-branded gas fireplaces in Canada and the US. Recently, Miles came to Red Rocket Creative Strategies with a problem and a challenge: the company’s steady growth over the past decade, along with product distribution across North America, meant that Miles’ agents and technicians needed more efficient access to service documents and support. Improving the service experience was seen as crucial for ensuring that agents continued to use and recommend Valor products.

At the time, product and installation troubleshooting was conducted through printed manuals and calls to the company’s technical support team. With this model under stress, Miles enlisted Red Rocket Creative to build a robust, web-based system that would provide more efficient and responsive support, be scalable over time and put Miles well ahead of its competition.

We began with a deep assessment of the company’s service needs and scenarios, examining the range of information needed, how agents and technicians used that information, and how best to take advantage of the functionality of an online platform. We quickly realized that, by leveraging technology, design and user experience best practices, we could build a powerful online solution that would grow with the company.

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Working closely with Miles management, we then analyzed the steps a technician would take to resolve most problems. The challenge here was complex. The site needed to provide quick access to a clear, concise and thorough troubleshooting assessment tool, one that would accurately diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues with any of the Valor products–usually attributed to user error or improper installation. Not only would users arrive at the site with many different needs and questions, the responses had to provide solutions in a logical sequence of steps that anticipated many variations.

Looking ahead to future growth, the tool also needed in-house scalability with simple methods for adding products and details.

Our solution was the ValorCare Online Troubleshooting Guide, a dedicated, log-in web portal that provides online troubleshooting for any Valor product sold. This bilingual (English/French) resource offers a five-step, interactive guide that leads technicians through a logical process to analyze most problems and fix them quickly. Solutions include diagrams and instructive videos along with access to a central database of all model information and service manuals. We also made the guide responsive for easy viewing on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones), as most technicians need their information when on the job site.

The result is a tool that reduces administration costs, improves service and client relations and greatly decreases the resources required to keep a matrix of information up-to-date and accurate. A user report also gives Miles insight as to common installation issues where additional training may be required. At no extra cost to Miles, agents and technicians now have a 24/7 troubleshooting response. The system also reinforces Miles’ commitment to safety, as solutions sometimes require immediate response.