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Advertising Campaign

Rx Networks

 /  Technology

Whether posting to your favourite social media site, calling 911 or getting directions to the nearest ATM, you want accurate location information at your fingertips. Rx Networks is the company that delivers and manages that information for your mobile device, putting the blue dot on your smart phone’s map app. One billion devices depend on Rx Networks’ technology every day, yet the company remains relatively unknown.

Rx Networks asked Red Rocket Creative Strategies to conceive, write and design a series of full-page ads for a technical industry magazine. The purpose of the ads was to generate enquiries and initiate interest in potential partnerships from an audience of highly specialized and technical professionals who design, produce or utilize GPS and the Global Navigation Satellite System.

Due to Rx Networks’ low visibility, we needed a strong concept that would quickly orient the audience about the company and its various location services products. In our brainstorming sessions we conceived the idea of featuring familiar animals that used internal navigation in the most amazing ways. Supporting ad copy would then introduce Rx Networks and its own many unique navigation capabilities.

Compelling imagery of monarch butterflies, grey whales, worker ants and starlings expressed the narrative we wanted to communicate, while no-frills copy quickly established Rx Networks' capabilities in language we believed would resonate with the technical-based audience. The result was a series of colourful, appealing ads that not only caught the eye and educated viewers, but that also stood out in a publication filled with scientific content and advertising.