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Promotional Brochure

Wajax Corporation

Mississauga-based Wajax Corporation faced a significant marketing challenge. The company’s three nation-wide divisions—Equipment, Power Systems and Industrial Components—had traditionally worked independently with little collaboration. A new growth strategy focused on helping the divisions work together and generate a collective strength. This new direction required clear communication, both with customers and internally.

Wajax enlisted Red Rocket Creative Strategies to develop a comprehensive brochure that would act as the touchstone piece for marketing the new, synergistic Wajax. Our investigations revealed that each division was marketing independently with their own branding and websites. Thus our first mission was to find unifying threads and tie the three divisions together.

We developed a theme of “Collective Strength” with content aimed at explaining the benefits of collaborative support by all divisions. Lists in each divisional section reinforced Wajax’s crossover amongst key industries such as mining, oil & gas and construction. This message was emphasized in a four-page pullout spread that tied the divisions and industries together with a common design and imagery theme.

The final, 16-page brochure presented Wajax as a new and powerful industry partner for Canada, one that was clearly bigger than the sum of its parts.